6 Tips for Healthy Meals

6 Tips for Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals for Your Family

Persuading kids to eat a healthy lunches is not as hard as you may think! If you change lunchtime into fun time, kids will be more receptive to trying out what you have packed. Here are a six great tips to ensure that your kids get a healthy meal they will enjoy.



Create “healthier variations of old favorites”

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can get boring, but you can switch them up by trying a few different variations. Sunbutter is a great alternative to peanut butter and does not contain nuts, so it’s a great way to allow your kids to bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to a “nut free” classroom. You can also add bananas or strawberries for a fun and healthy twist to a classic PB&J.


Swap unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones

100% whole wheat or whole grain breads can be used as a healthier option to replace white bread. Hummus can be used as a healthier spread to replace mayonnaise on a sandwich. When making wraps and pita sandwiches you can use whole wheat tortillas and pita bread.


Make fun dips for fruits and veggies

Kids love dips. This is a great way to help your kids eat veggies. You can find a large variety of fun and healthy dips that your kids will be sure to love. A quick Google search can help you find many great ideas for fun and healthy dips.



Plan your meals ahead

When you plan your meals ahead of time, you can be sure to pick meals that are healthy and fun. Plan to mix favorites that you know your kids will like with a few new healthier options to make sure that their lunches are well balanced. This will also help with shopping for the week. Have a checklist of items that you need for the week and save time and money by not having to make multiple trips to the grocery store.


Meal prep

Prepping ahead can be a great time saver in the morning. You can pre-cut fruit and portion snacks and store them in containers or plastic snack bags in the fridge. You can also include your kids and make it a fun family activity. This will get them excited about what they will be eating for lunch during the week.


Check food temperatures

Make sure the cold items stay cold. If you’re including items that should be eaten cold, you can include a cold pack inside the lunch box to ensure that the food stays cool until lunchtime.


If you’re looking for more tips for healthy eating or are interested in receiving a customized meal plan for your family, Petite Gourmet is here to help! Call us at 610-532-2429 for more info!

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