Meal Philosophy

Healthy Kids Eat Petite Gourmet!

Healthy Foods = Tasty Foods

Petite Gourmet is your healthy alternative to providing kids and students healthy, tasty and easy to serve meals. Since 2013, Petite Gourmet has provided daily lunch deliveries to top schools throughout the Philadelphia and Delaware Metropolitan areas. Our hot lunches have resulted in positive impacts for students improving their ability to focus throughout the school days and providing educators and lunch staff a diverse weekly menus ready to be served in minutes.

Dedicated to producing healthy foods that kids will enjoy, Scherran Tate, founder and mother of 3, launched Petite Gourmet following her dissatisfaction with the meal options provided to her small children. Taking kids preferences into consideration, Petite Gourmet designs weekly healthy meal options that include nutritious flavorful foods made from clean and fresh ingredients. Our motto remains Healthy Foods = Tasty Foods! A balanced and healthy diet is the critical ingredient for success, why allow your child to eat over processed, nutrition-less lunches and expect great RESULTS?

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