Meals Program

Here’s your chance to make your kids healthy and better at school

 We, at Petite Gourmet, do culinary innovation that makes your kids fit physically and mentally. This innovation comes in the form of nutritious meal programs that are specially designed for schoolchildren across the United States. Because we know your little ones will need the energy to work, to play, and to be simply kids.

Our meal programs are kid-friendly because we know that your child has to be healthy for having a hundred-percent attendance at school and for remaining attentive everywhere. We cater to your little one’s nutritional need at a day care or at school.

School time shouldn’t include hunger time at all—that’s what we’ve believed in since our inception and that’s what we believe even now. We want the kids to never get distracted by hunger pangs, so our food lets them just focus on playing, learning, and living their lives at school.

Our meals are prepared using highly nutritious raw items along with love and care. And that’s exactly why these meals will let your kids perform better in every aspect of life. At our kitchen, you’ll only find fresh veggies, fruits and other raw stuff used for preparing delightful dishes for kids. And when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, we cannot compromise on either of them at any cost whatsoever.

So sign up for a school meal program and make your kids grow in the healthiest way possible. What’s more—we even let you make a meal program that’ll be liked by your kids. Because only parents understand the nutritional needs of a kid. Wait, we even have ample meal plans offering tasty food for school kids so that they’re active for the entire day. Sign up for one of our meals programs for public schools and let your child grow the way you want