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Healthy Kids Eat Petite Gourmet!

Stand out to parents with better meals for KIDS &

Daycare professionals like you are tasked with endless duties daily to ensure kids are happy, healthy and safe while in your care. Allow Petite Gourmet to help you be a step above the rest with a unique meal delivery program just for your clients.

Petite Gourmet offers daycare centers and facilities customized meal programs delivered to your top clients daily. Stop the quick and simple solutions such as fast foods and grain-filled lunches and hire Petite Gourmet to deliver hot or cold lunches daily for each child. We work closely with daycare professionals to design a monthly and quarterly food program that is parent approved and cost effective for any institution. With a minimum of 25 kids served daily, Petite Gourmet will deliver prepared meals for service and make sure your clients are happy, energized and healthy as a result.

At Petite Gourmet, we make sure your kids never miss the taste of home-cooked food and have tasty foods for school-aged kids. Our meal programs are meant for children who are in daycare centers, private and public schools.

Our chefs always believe that hunger pangs can reduce productivity of kids everywhere.  Which is why our meal programs are designed to keep these untimely and distracting pangs at bay. Always remember that a healthy meal will let your kids focus on learning, playing, and living their lives at school.

What goes inside a healthy meal?

The answer to this question will be love, care, and a bunch of fresh ingredients and each of these things can be found in abundance in our kitchen. We make sure that only fresh ingredients go into making the most delicious and healthful food that will be loved by your kids. Because we know that healthy food is what all kids need to remain energetic and alert every time.

We won’t ever deprioritize the importance of cleanliness and hygiene; we make sure that the place where your foods are cooked is as good, clean, and hygienic as your homes.

That’s why we want you to sign up for a great kid-friendly meal program from us now. These wholesome meals come at a price that won’t cost you a lot. So for a little price, you’re buying your kid the most cherished thing in the world—a healthy childhood.  Are you still waiting? Get in touch with us and know a meal plan that suits your pocket and your kid’s taste the most.

No Cost to Schools

The service is at no cost to the school. Parent’s sign up for the service and pay online.

Menus Tailored to Individual Schools

We will customize a menu specific to your schools needs.

Simplified Lunch Routine

We make the lunch routine easy for your staff. Our lunches are packed and delivered in individual containers labeled with the child’s name.

Convenience for Parents

You can sign into our website from your home computer, tablet, or smartphone and pay via credit card, PayPal or check.

Flexible Ordering

You can order meals by the day, week or up to a month in advance.

Nutritious Menu Options

All of our menus are reviewed by our dietitian to assure that they meet the USDA daily nutrition guidelines.

Interested in stopping the lunch time headaches?

Contact us today and set up a free consultation to understand how Petite will be your ideal Lunch Partner for Your Daycare!