Nutritious Meals for kids

Meals that make kids sharper and smarter

At Petite Gourmet, we offer tasty, nutritious meals for kids in Philadelphia. Now, what makes us a reliable meal provider for kids at day cares and schools? It’s simple—we love what we do. In short, we love to see your little child grow in the best possible way. For this, we make sure to supply the best and tastiest food for your kids.

And, thankfully, our love isn’t confined to cooking tasty food—that’s because we love cleanliness, healthiness, and deliciousness. We take efforts to deliver the most nutritious diets for your kids on time. Now, let’s get to know what it takes to prepare such tasty, wholesome food.

How do we make wholesome meals for kids every time?

 Our meals are prepared using the freshest ingredients so that your kids get the best meals.

These meals will even help you kid to not get distracted by the annoying hunger pangs. Right now, let’s go through all the factors that make these nutritious meals for preschoolers, which we prepare, truly delicious.

What goes into making a delicious, wholesome meal for kids?

 Two of the common ingredients that we put in every school meal are care and love. By giving attention to detail to what we make and by loving what we do, we make sure that food items are tasty and healthful. Whether it’s high-fiber bread, lean meat, fresh egg, juicy fruit, or farm-fresh veggie, we ensure that only the best goes into preparing the best. Whatever it is, we never put quality on the back burner ever.

Delivering the best is what we take pride in

 Every school that we’ve served or every parent who’s associated with us is in love with our delivery system. We’ve redefined punctuality when it comes to delivering fresh food on time every time. And the best packaging is made possible by using only food-grade packaging material.

So get one of our nutritious meal programs for kids right now. The best part—you may even tailor the program to suit your pockets and the taste of your kids.Contact us Here