School Meal Delivery Philadelphia

Kid’s meals that nourish body and delight senses

We, at Petite Gourmet, provide the best dishes that are tasty and nutritious. In short, we offer food that’s loved by kids for taste and instant energy. We adopt a home-styled cooking that makes food healthy, hygienic, and delicious. Plus, our meals box delivery for kids services let kids to never get disturbed by distracting hunger pangs. Now, let’s read up on what makes our meals so delicious and healthful.

What goes into making a delicious, wholesome meal for kids?

Two key ingredients that are always there in every school meal for kids are love and care. With pure love and high attention to detail, we ensure that every food item we prepare suits the taste and health of a kid.

We use high-fiber bread, fresh eggs, lean meat, farm-fresh veggies and fruits, and other base ingredients to make every morsel nourishing. Whatever may be the case, we just can’t compromise on quality at any cost.

Our delivery is our pride

Every school to whom we serve are in love with our punctuality. We make sure that children’s lunch box delivery is made just on time. And as far as quality is concerned, we only use food-grade packaging material to pack the deliverables.

No matter where your kid’s school is in Philadelphia, we assure you that the delivery of the meal box is made properly by following a range of hygiene and quality protocols. For us, your child’s health and his taste are of paramount importance.

So what’re you waiting for? Sign up for our healthful lunch boxes and see how the face of School meal delivery in Philadelphia is changing forever. Connect with us and know which meal plans will suit your child’s taste and health the most. And here’s the best par—you can even tailor your school meal program.